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Travelling is a human activity that is usually related to many practical facts – from packing your luggage up to buying a tram ticket in a foreign country the language of which is a Spanish village to you. Or a Czech village?

Our blog section called Prague Tips shall help you get orientated in the practical matters that accompany your visit of our beautiful city – from instructions how to get from the airport to the city centre, over the advice on changing money or avoiding other troubles connected to the cultural and social differences, to a text about the transport in Prague – either the public, or private.

We have also included our tips for those, who like short and concise information on sights, museums or galleries. Or what include into your itinerary if you have just a limited time for you visit – a day digestion of prague sights, as well as tips for a 3-days visit.

Last, but not least, you will find here also tips on some unconventional sightseeing days – just a the article on the Prague ZOO and its visit, or about visiting the city with little kids.

How to exchange money in Prague If you’re planning to visit the Czech Republic, you’ll need to exchange money. Generally speaking, rates are always the best in exchange offices. Some of them, however, are fraudulent and will give you a rate that’s even worse than a loan shark would give you. Don’t fall into the […]
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7 insider tips about visiting Prague in the most comfortable, profitable and safer way. Prague is certainly a city full of beauty and history, located in one of the safest regions of the current world. These are some hints on how to make your stay in Prague even more comfortable, enjoyable and worth of your […]
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The Old Town Square
The official and the everyday history of the city and its central square If you stay in our hotel, you are literally just a few steps from The Old Town Square – one of the most important witnesses to Prague´s history. It has seen many of the important, history making events, but also an uncountable […]
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prague wheelchair
Looking back… The communist régime in the then Czechoslovakia did not do much to ease the life of people with different disabilities, just in the contrary – travelling was one of the things that were not regarded as important for anyone, no matter whether you went just to a lake 30 km from Prague, or […]
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prague tram
Despite the fact, that Prague is a large town – the number of its inhabitants is according to updated  statistics more then 1 324 thousand people in 2020, the historical centre is a relatively small and compact area, that can be easily seen just walking – and you do not need to be a trained walker. […]
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zizkov Prague
A former working class and artistic district with a high rate of criminality recently became a must-see for tourists – we are not talking about the Parisian Montmartre, but Prague´s Žižkov. What exactly to do and see in this old, picturesque part of the city? Avoid Žižkov? Big mistake An old Czech proverb advises any […]
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