Interesting facts about hotel

The buildings of hotel Rott and the whole Little Square are located in the oldest inhabitated part of Prague, some sort of human habitation was standing here most probably as early as in the 8th century. In 1232, the Old Town of Prague gained the municipal privilegies. Almost all houses on the square have Romanesque  underground spaces, in fact the original groundfloors of early medieval houses. The plan of the Little Square remains unchanged since than, just the image of houses underwent many changes. Narrow Gothic houses merged into larger  housings in the Renaissance times, and within the following  centuries their were given  appearances corresponding with the architectural aesthetics of the successive periods- Baroque, Classicism, Neorenaissance, etc. Present architectural image of the square is combined mainly of Rennaissance, Baroque, and the 19th century styles.


The fountain with the beatiful grid standing in the middle of the Square is at the same time  the symbol of the Square,  and also a part of Hotel logo. It dates back  to 1560.


The buildings of the hotel (the front - main house facing the Little Square with the paintings of Mikoláš Aleš, and the corner house to Linhartská street) have large parts of early medieval walls in the underground, and they  were rebuilt many times. They had 3 groundfloors in the 16th century, and the main house boasted rennaissance  sgraffitoes. In Baroque, high gabled  roofs were built,  converted into an Empire style attics in the 18th century. In 1855, an ironmongery was opened in the main house, which  gradually expanded in the neghbouring houses, too.  The present neo-renaissance facade dates back to 1897, and it was the first house in Prague converted into shopping mall with glass concrete ceiling cupola in Prague, bulit  in the years 1922-23. The ironmongery „U Rotta“ was – within 1850 and 1950 – the largest business of its  kind in Bohemia. In 1996, the store was moved into today´s spaces in in the side wing of the building, and both buildings were converted into the hotel.

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