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Best restaurant in the Old Town of Prague – a small visitor guideline

Defining anything as being the best is always a delicate matter, even more so if you do not have a precise and objective qualities or attributes you can measure. In terms of eating, the affair gets even more complicated, as it lies on utterly subjective fields of tastes, personal inclinations, national and local pecularities and so on.

Writing about the best restaurant somewhere is therefore a very tricky task: and looking for the best restaurant in the Old town of Prague, an area that is filled with restaurants, pubs, tearooms, bars, coffeehouses, is a rather ungrateful task.

Initially, this article will try to limit its topic only to restaurants in the narrowest sense of the word- the places where one can get a freshly prepared warm dishes of a certain standard, together with a selection of drinks, and the place is serviced.  Looking into the matter more thouroughly, we can find some guidelines in the type of Cuisine the restaurant presents: it restricts our work to those places, that serve either Czech or European Cuisine, as – supposedly – the national cuisine is something that belongs to the general cultural background and therefore is something each visitor should try and taste.

Having this basic settled, there is another fact that should be mentioned as well: many of the restaurants that surround the Old Town Square and the tourist areas of the Old Town are not decent: the price you will pay for a simple meal is much higher then it should be, not to mention such practices as tips included at the bottom of the bill in tiny letters, or rude and unqualified service. Offered meals are often far from being of good quality or Czech origin.

There is a certain number of restaurants, that are ranked among the best ones- and the ranking includes Tripadvisor, Michelin stars, the Czech local ranking with little golden lions.

Both Czech Michelin stars restaurants – Fields and La Dégustation Boheme Bourgoise are located in the Old Town of Prague. These are places where you get a high quality food and service – for high prices.

Those visitors looking for good quality Czech Cuisine at an affordable price should not miss the Nuance restaurant, which is located on the neat Little square, the small  neighbour of the Old Town Square. The chef Michal Paulík alters the meaty Czech Cuisine in accordance with the modern nutritional and gastronomic principles: the dishes based on the food that the country offered within the last centuries  are lighter, more colourful and full of refined tastes. Restaurant Nuance offers high quality food and perfect service for very favourable prices, and is thus a favourite venue of both locals and visitors of Prague. When visiting Prague and its Old Town, you should definitely try their veal cheeks braised in red wine, or any other refined speciality to complement your image of Prague and its values!



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