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Visiting a foreign city is always an adventure in many senses of the word. Discovering the new places, atmosphere, people, habits, culture is an exciting – but also demanding – activity. That is why we started writing our blog – to help you with orientation in all aspects of your stay in our hotel – from the transport upon your arrival, over the weather in Prague in different seasons, to some suggestions of where to go and why – both in and out the city.

For a better guidance, the texts are divided into three different sections.

In the section called Prague Tips you will find mostly practical information – how to get to the hotel from the airport, railway station or by car, how to change your currency, or what are the musts to see if your time for visit is rather limited.

The following section called Culture, Art and History, offers a wide variety of topics that might be handy for your repeated Prague visits – you will find here inspiration on places, that are not the usual Prague touristic destinations, or some insiders´ views that are not to be found in a usual travel guide. These articles present important historical context for your visit, cultural tips and other hints on Prague that might be of some interest for those who either plan or realise their visit.

In the third section called Prague Surroundings, we are striving to gather similar sort of hints and information on places that might be worth your seeing behind the borders of the city – no matter if they boast cultural or natural beauties. Such a day trip out of the city might provide you with insigts that you will never gain in the city itself…

We firmly believe that the informative background provided in our blog can contribute to the feelings of enjoyment and understanding during your stay in Hotel Rott!

Slightly over 30 kilometres from central Prague, Karlštejn Castle invites visitors to return to the times of one of the greatest medieval rulers of Europe – Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Originally a royal castle, Karlštejn has never been sold to private hands. At present, it enjoys the […]
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Petřín – the best known of the Prague hills
Petřín – or Laurenziberg – the hill of Saint Laurentius, belongs to the panorama of Prague as inseparably as the Charles Bridge or the Prague Castle. It complements the architectural parts of the historical city with its natural green profile and offers visitors a fresh and shadowy refuge during their sightseeing day. Prague‘s heights along […]
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The Old Town Square
The official and the everyday history of the city and its central square If you stay in our hotel, you are literally just a few steps from The Old Town Square – one of the most important witnesses to Prague´s history. It has seen many of the important, history making events, but also an uncountable […]
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prague wheelchair
Looking back… The communist régime in the then Czechoslovakia did not do much to ease the life of people with different disabilities, just in the contrary – travelling was one of the things that were not regarded as important for anyone, no matter whether you went just to a lake 30 km from Prague, or […]
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