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Visiting a foreign city is always an adventure in many senses of the word. Discovering the new places, atmosphere, people, habits, culture is an exciting – but also demanding – activity. That is why we started writing our blog – to help you with orientation in all aspects of your stay in our hotel – from the transport upon your arrival, over the weather in Prague in different seasons, to some suggestions of where to go and why – both in and out the city.

For a better guidance, the texts are divided into three different sections.

In the section called Prague Tips you will find mostly practical information – how to get to the hotel from the airport, railway station or by car, how to change your currency, or what are the musts to see if your time for visit is rather limited.

The following section called Culture, Art and History, offers a wide variety of topics that might be handy for your repeated Prague visits – you will find here inspiration on places, that are not the usual Prague touristic destinations, or some insiders´ views that are not to be found in a usual travel guide. These articles present important historical context for your visit, cultural tips and other hints on Prague that might be of some interest for those who either plan or realise their visit.

In the third section called Prague Surroundings, we are striving to gather similar sort of hints and information on places that might be worth your seeing behind the borders of the city – no matter if they boast cultural or natural beauties. Such a day trip out of the city might provide you with insigts that you will never gain in the city itself…

We firmly believe that the informative background provided in our blog can contribute to the feelings of enjoyment and understanding during your stay in Hotel Rott!

strelecky ostrov
The Střelecký ostrov (roughly translated as the Shooters island) is one of ten small islands on the Vltava river, that are within the city area. It is crossed by the Bridge of Legions (Most Legií), and connects the Masarykovo and Smetanovo embankment on the western side of Vltava with the Janáčkovo embankment on the East. […]
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Prague is a city with well preserved architecture built within the last millenium, as well as many other attractions that are worth visiting – so saying what is the best depends mainly on the tastes of the visitor than any general opinion. Nevertheless, there is a certain portfolio of sights a visitor should see no matter […]
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Prague Aiport
Prague airport, unlike the airports in many different cities of the world, was not built very far from the city itself. This had a very prosaic reason: the construction site was open in July 1932 at the height of the Great depression, with a goal to provide work to a large amount of people – […]
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Defining anything as being the best is always a delicate matter, even more so if you do not have a precise and objective qualities or attributes you can measure. In terms of eating, the affair gets even more complicated, as it lies on utterly subjective fields of tastes, personal inclinations, national and local pecularities and […]
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Have you ever thought of having a look at the beauty of the Czech capital, but also for example at our hotel from above? Prague is a city of hills, so it’s no wonder that a number of lookout towers and observation points has grown up here. Just climb a few stairs or take the […]
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Although Prague is a large city and even people who live there all their lives do not know many of its parts, the essential can be seen in just one day. The oldest parts of Prague, the historical heart of the town, are actually two quarters adjoninig the Vltava river from the opposite banks – […]
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Agents, outcasts, magicians. While walking through Prague’s Old Town, remember some of the famous Hollywood movies, that were filmed here. There is a lot of places connected to the silver screen, all you have to do is observe. You don’t have to go that far from Hotel Rott either. Prague Castle on screen Maybe the […]
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jewish town Josefov
Expedition into the history of the Ghetto and its famous natives Rabbi Löw and Franz Kafka. Historical appearance of the Jewish Town Come with us for a walk through one of the most mysterious parts of Prague. Like every medieval town, Prague also had its Ghetto, the Jewish Quarter with residents segregated from the Christian majority. Around […]
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