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Visiting a foreign city is always an adventure in many senses of the word. Discovering the new places, atmosphere, people, habits, culture is an exciting – but also demanding – activity. That is why we started writing our blog – to help you with orientation in all aspects of your stay in our hotel – from the transport upon your arrival, over the weather in Prague in different seasons, to some suggestions of where to go and why – both in and out the city.

For a better guidance, the texts are divided into three different sections.

In the section called Prague Tips you will find mostly practical information – how to get to the hotel from the airport, railway station or by car, how to change your currency, or what are the musts to see if your time for visit is rather limited.

The following section called Culture, Art and History, offers a wide variety of topics that might be handy for your repeated Prague visits – you will find here inspiration on places, that are not the usual Prague touristic destinations, or some insiders´ views that are not to be found in a usual travel guide. These articles present important historical context for your visit, cultural tips and other hints on Prague that might be of some interest for those who either plan or realise their visit.

In the third section called Prague Surroundings, we are striving to gather similar sort of hints and information on places that might be worth your seeing behind the borders of the city – no matter if they boast cultural or natural beauties. Such a day trip out of the city might provide you with insigts that you will never gain in the city itself…

We firmly believe that the informative background provided in our blog can contribute to the feelings of enjoyment and understanding during your stay in Hotel Rott!

The National Museum, the National Gallery, the city of Prague museum, National technical museum… The most famous Prague exhibitions are also among the most visited ones. However, it would be a shame to pay a visit only to those notorious places and thus to miss other, smaller museums. They might not be as famous nor […]
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Passing along the Royal Coronation Way of the Czech Kings from the Old Town Square of Prague, visitors are usually astonished by the beauties of the adjoining Little Square. After seeing  the rather monumental  image of the central Old Town Square, the Little Square offers a refreshing tiny and yet beautiful version of an old […]
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Almost every house, street or square of Prague Old Town is associated with someone famous. Either born in the capital or not, the list of important people connected to Prague seems to have no end at all. Let us introduce you at least some of them. Visionaries of a great impact on Prague’s appearance (king […]
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Unless you come to Prague in deep winter cold and wake up very early, you will not get a chance to walk over this bridge in peace and calm: it is full of people all year through. Locals on a romantic walk, tourists with mobiles in hands, childen on schooltrips, everybody wants to see and […]
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Prague in December illuminates the darkness with its many lights – from its Christmas trees, markets, and decorated shopping centers. Prague natives and visitors alike come out to wonder, taste, listen, look, and enjoy. The most beautiful decoration stands in harmony with the historical center of the city: each year, a Christmas tree to be […]
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