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Visiting a city is always a matter of perspectives. At the very beginning, there is your background – the reason for coming, your tastes, likes and preferences. And there is the city with its uncountable attractions on the other hand. And usually a timespace limited into hours or days. Which necessarily leads you to the essential question what to visit and why…

Our blog section Culture, Art and History is being written to help you in order to answer this question – to provide you with a more detailed description and historical and present details of Prague spots and places that might be worth your visit – or not. The articles should lay a framework for your informative – and informed – Prague visit. We believe that the information provided is more detailed and coherent then the information you can find in the guidebooks or elsewhere. They are mostly insights of people who live in the city and spend much of their time on the topic from a professional perspective.

You can read here in detail about places, that are in the close vicinity to the hotel – such as The Old Town Square, the Jewish Town of Prague, or Charles Bridge, but also about Prague quarters, that – despite not being the usual touristic destination, might be of some interest for you – such as the Petřín Hill, Letná or Vyšehrad.

Enjoy your reading and come to Prague, to Hotel Rott!

Creation and collection of art has been part of the history of the Czech lands for centuries. In the Middle Ages works of art were almost exclusively associated with religion. Exquisite images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, saints, angels and scenes from the Bible were commissioned by sovereigns, aristocrats and church dignitaries and placed […]
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Petřín – the best known of the Prague hills
Petřín – or Laurenziberg – the hill of Saint Laurentius, belongs to the panorama of Prague as inseparably as the Charles Bridge or the Prague Castle. It complements the architectural parts of the historical city with its natural green profile and offers visitors a fresh and shadowy refuge during their sightseeing day. Prague‘s heights along […]
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national museum prague
You arrived to Prague to enjoy its numerous beauties, and it´s raining cats and dogs. Your initial sightseeing turns into a complete failure and all the clothes you went in are soaked by rain… but do not worry, there are many great activities in the city you can do indoors– as visiting one of the many […]
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Seeing the history of the city backwards Learning the history of a place is  not an easy thing, and it is even more complicated if the history was very long and colourful. Which is just the case of Prague, the heart of Europe, marked by all significant European events within the last millenium.  We have […]
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Agents, outcasts, magicians. While walking through Prague’s Old Town, remember some of the famous Hollywood movies, that were filmed here. There is a lot of places connected to the silver screen, all you have to do is observe. You don’t have to go that far from Hotel Rott either. Prague Castle on screen Maybe the […]
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jewish town Josefov
Expedition into the history of the Ghetto and its famous natives Rabbi Löw and Franz Kafka. Historical appearance of the Jewish Town Come with us for a walk through one of the most mysterious parts of Prague. Like every medieval town, Prague also had its Ghetto, the Jewish Quarter with residents segregated from the Christian majority. Around […]
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The National Museum, the National Gallery, the city of Prague museum, National technical museum… The most famous Prague exhibitions are also among the most visited ones. However, it would be a shame to pay a visit only to those notorious places and thus to miss other, smaller museums. They might not be as famous nor […]
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Passing along the Royal Coronation Way of the Czech Kings from the Old Town Square of Prague, visitors are usually astonished by the beauties of the adjoining Little Square. After seeing  the rather monumental  image of the central Old Town Square, the Little Square offers a refreshing tiny and yet beautiful version of an old […]
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