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Visiting a city is always a matter of perspectives. At the very beginning, there is your background – the reason for coming, your tastes, likes and preferences. And there is the city with its uncountable attractions on the other hand. And usually a timespace limited into hours or days. Which necessarily leads you to the essential question what to visit and why…

Our blog section Culture, Art and History is being written to help you in order to answer this question – to provide you with a more detailed description and historical and present details of Prague spots and places that might be worth your visit – or not. The articles should lay a framework for your informative – and informed – Prague visit. We believe that the information provided is more detailed and coherent then the information you can find in the guidebooks or elsewhere. They are mostly insights of people who live in the city and spend much of their time on the topic from a professional perspective.

You can read here in detail about places, that are in the close vicinity to the hotel – such as The Old Town Square, the Jewish Town of Prague, or Charles Bridge, but also about Prague quarters, that – despite not being the usual touristic destination, might be of some interest for you – such as the Petřín Hill, Letná or Vyšehrad.

Enjoy your reading and come to Prague, to Hotel Rott!

Almost every house, street or square of Prague Old Town is associated with someone famous. Either born in the capital or not, the list of important people connected to Prague seems to have no end at all. Let us introduce you at least some of them. Visionaries of a great impact on Prague’s appearance (king […]
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Unless you come to Prague in deep winter cold and wake up very early, you will not get a chance to walk over this bridge in peace and calm: it is full of people all year through. Locals on a romantic walk, tourists with mobiles in hands, childen on schooltrips, everybody wants to see and […]
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