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It is usually the same story no matter whether you come to London, Paris, Prague or any other large city in the world – most of the visitors come to see the city and ignore the rest – as if the large cities reflected the life of the whole country. The opposite is usually the truth…

That is why we have also started writing a section about what is to be seen in the outskirts of Prague.

If you have several days for visiting the city, it is highly recommended to spend one day out of Prague, and we are coming with a few tips for places of cultural or natural significance, that might be considered. The public transport between Prague and surrounding areas is usually efficient and fast, and getting out of the city and back again should fit into a day quite easily.

Thus, you can go and see a small town of Kutná Hora with a Gothic cathedral that ic considered even nicer then the Prague´ one.

Slightly over 30 kilometres from central Prague, Karlštejn Castle invites visitors to return to the times of one of the greatest medieval rulers of Europe – Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Originally a royal castle, Karlštejn has never been sold to private hands. At present, it enjoys the […]
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Kutná Hora
Maybe you’ve had enough of Prague and want to see something else, or perhaps you were planning to see more of the Czech Republic from the beginning. Whatever your reason may be, hopefully this article will give you some options about what to do outside of the capital. In this part, we’ll take a look […]
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