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Travelling is a human activity that is usually related to many practical facts – from packing your luggage up to buying a tram ticket in a foreign country the language of which is a Spanish village to you. Or a Czech village?

Our blog section called Prague Tips shall help you get orientated in the practical matters that accompany your visit of our beautiful city – from instructions how to get from the airport to the city centre, over the advice on changing money or avoiding other troubles connected to the cultural and social differences, to a text about the transport in Prague – either the public, or private.

We have also included our tips for those, who like short and concise information on sights, museums or galleries. Or what include into your itinerary if you have just a limited time for you visit – a day digestion of prague sights, as well as tips for a 3-days visit.

Last, but not least, you will find here also tips on some unconventional sightseeing days – just a the article on the Prague ZOO and its visit, or about visiting the city with little kids.

little town prague
Names are often misleading. Coming from the long forgotten past, their origin and reasons are lost and  we only guess why and how they appeared. The part of the historic centre of Prague called Little – or Lesser – town is neither smaller, nor less important or pretty than other parts of the old Prague. […]
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Vltava River
River in the life of Prague Just as the Thames for the Londoners, or Seine for Parisians, the Vltava river has always played an essential role in the life of the city of Prague: from being the source of drinking water (which still remains partially true nowadays) to serving as an important way of transportation, […]
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strelecky ostrov
The Střelecký ostrov (roughly translated as the Shooters island) is one of ten small islands on the Vltava river, that are within the city area. It is crossed by the Bridge of Legions (Most Legií), and connects the Masarykovo and Smetanovo embankment on the western side of Vltava with the Janáčkovo embankment on the East. […]
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Prague is a city with well preserved architecture built within the last millenium, as well as many other attractions that are worth visiting – so saying what is the best depends mainly on the tastes of the visitor than any general opinion. Nevertheless, there is a certain portfolio of sights a visitor should see no matter […]
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Prague Aiport
Prague airport, unlike the airports in many different cities of the world, was not built very far from the city itself. This had a very prosaic reason: the construction site was open in July 1932 at the height of the Great depression, with a goal to provide work to a large amount of people – […]
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Defining anything as being the best is always a delicate matter, even more so if you do not have a precise and objective qualities or attributes you can measure. In terms of eating, the affair gets even more complicated, as it lies on utterly subjective fields of tastes, personal inclinations, national and local pecularities and […]
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Have you ever thought of having a look at the beauty of the Czech capital, but also for example at our hotel from above? Prague is a city of hills, so it’s no wonder that a number of lookout towers and observation points has grown up here. Just climb a few stairs or take the […]
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Although Prague is a large city and even people who live there all their lives do not know many of its parts, the essential can be seen in just one day. The oldest parts of Prague, the historical heart of the town, are actually two quarters adjoninig the Vltava river from the opposite banks – […]
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Prague in December illuminates the darkness with its many lights – from its Christmas trees, markets, and decorated shopping centers. Prague natives and visitors alike come out to wonder, taste, listen, look, and enjoy. The most beautiful decoration stands in harmony with the historical center of the city: each year, a Christmas tree to be […]
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