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Post-Covid Prague – challenges and chances for the city of hundred spires

Charles bridge

Image of Prague today

Prague, June 2020, early morning  in the Old Town Square. The sun slowly rises behind the two Gothic towers of the Lady before the Týn Cathedral, the sandstone of the newly erected Virgin Mary Column shines brightly, almost improperly, into all corners, as an old lady feeds thoughtlessly pigeons on the pavement crosses that mark the place of the execution of the 27 Czech Lords, Dukes and Counts in 1621. On this very spot, gathering dead bodies and the shards of the past – both material and intellectual – turned into a dull habit: burning archives of the City Hall after the last war bombings in May 1945, or the Communist hatred expressed here during the putsch in February 1948 are just examples.

The pigeons flock eagerly as they have had meager times recently. No tourists, no food, no left-overs. They have to rely on the few ancients, who still live within the walls of this part of the historical town. But other parts of the city are very much alike, Prague Castle just as the Little Town, unusual emptiness filled in the streets and squares otherwise full of life and action.

The open future

The post-pandemic Prague wakes up into another uncertain day, and the tens of thousands of people, who work in the hotel and gastronomic industry, and took care of millions of visitors, do not know, what the future will bring. What form will the tourism have in next days?


Chances for the city

But Prague has all the chances to recover quickly and to become a desired aim of journeys again. Because travelling is encoded in the human nature –already the oldest Epic  of Gilgamesh describes lots of journeys of the mythic hero. Journeys led for different purposes – learning, gaining of some benefits, journeys made in search for for someone or something, all journeys should have brought some good to the traveller and his or her community – and so this is till our times.


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And Prague has much to offer in all these senses and perhaps particularly within those days: no matter wheter you strive for beauty, knowledge, friendship, loneliness or conviviality, joy or contemplation, peace or animation, you can find it all and even more, much of those unexpected…You can become a real pilgrim of the after-covid period.

Bringing the city to life again

To wake up the city from its silent sleep, the City Council decided to offer points for free entries into many city and private galleries and museums, including the National gallery, the Museum of Prague or National Museum, to cultural events and expositions, or even to book a guide through the city. Once you spend at least two nights in one of the Prague hotels (and Hotel Rott is the best choice both for its location and stylish comfort), you gain the points worth the admission fees and you can use them exactly as you wish – by booking a classical music concert, or by visiting the famous modern Art collection of the National gallery. Or even getting to a jazz, or rock event of your favourite band! (More on The benefit will apply from July, 1st, till September, 30th 2020, and the more nights you spend, the more points you gain.

Safety, safety, safety…

Further to the above, there is hardly any similarly safe destination in Europe, as Prague is: the virus caused disease had a relatively very small impact on the Czech population, the measures taken were fast and huge, and the risk of getting infected remains extremely low. The masks are to be worn only in the city transport, you can walk through the city breathing freely and see smiles on people´s faces, which surely make your day more lovely.

Similar to all the Old Town of Prague hotels, Hotel Rott implemented many steps to protect your health too – from cleaning the rooms with an ozone machine to free disinfectants and protective means at your disposal. Just the social distancing remains in your hands and bodies ☺…

Now as never before…

All in all, we believe there has never been a better time to visit our beautiful city, to breathe out after the time of closure, to live again. We will be happy to share this new chapter of life with you.

If you decide to come to Prague this year, you will help us make Prague a living city again! Because its you, our dear guests, who give a sense of the city in the last decades… We are here for you and looking forward to your visit.

Some more pictures of post-Covid Prague



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