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Prague children playgrounds – unexpected and handy for your sightseeing with children

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How to make your Prague sightseeing day better for both your kids and yourself

Sightseeing with little children is usually a tiresome activity, as the interests of your very young family members are certainly much different from those of yours! Quite surprisingly, Prague has a lot to offer even when you are visiting with very young kids: there are some great playgrounds just in the core of the historic city. They enable you to combine both: seeing the essential of what should be seen and visited, and letting your kids spend a part of your city day playing in various playgrounds  along the way. Which will make everyone happy…

Playgrounds along the tour

Let us guide you through some of them, those which you cannot – and perhaps should not – miss on your sightseeing walk.

Starting your Prague visit at the Prague castle´s hill, ther is a beautiful playground in Nový svět, literally around Prague Castle. Behind a large wall, it offers peace ans security combined with a picturesque views of the baroque houses which surround it. Definitely a place to begin your sightseeing day! You will get to the Castle in 5 minutes then, and there is another playground underneath the castle…

The playground in Vojanovy sady

Not far from the stairs taht will take you down the hill of the Prague Castle, there is a hidden gem of a playground in the park called Vojanovy sady: a large sand place with several playing elements, and the park itself – a splendid space to spend an hour or two before going further… The real peacocks showing off their tails may be a welcome extra bonus for all…

Charles Bridge playground

When you decide to get further, you will pass along a beautiful playground which is literally underneath the medieval bridge: observing ships and boats, admiring the bridge from an unusual perspective, and letting your kids explore all the playing components – this is a place to be admired by the whole family!

Fransiscan garden playground

The way along the Bridge and through the streets of the Old Town of Prague can be finished on another treasure of Prague´s plagrounds – this one in the Franciscan garden, next to the Wenceslas square. Many playing components, a small statue with pouring water, just a paradise for tired family…

Jewish town playground

And if you do not have enough yet, and get to the Jewish town of Prague, another possibility to play is offered by a playground in Masná ulice, two blocks from the Spanish synagogue…

Art and play – a playground – sculpture park

To end up our recommendations, we cannot leave out an interesting playground – artplace, created in the early 1960ies by the famous sculptors Olbram Zoubek and his wife Eva Kmentová – their playground is an impressive concrete composition of white boards of different forms, which are complemented with coulourful painted details that enable children move through an ingenious system of holes and cavities.  It is located in Letná, a posh quarter easily accessible by the Prague´s public transport. Again- a place to be enjoyed by the kids and parents alike!

Enjoy visiting Prague with your children – it can enrich your image of the city and bring you a lot of joy!



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