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Prague lookout towers and views

Have you ever thought of having a look at the beauty of the Czech capital, but also for example at our hotel from above? Prague is a city of hills, so it’s no wonder that a number of lookout towers and observation points has grown up here. Just climb a few stairs or take the elevator, and you can enjoy it.
A view cabin of the Žižkov TV tower belongs among the highest solid places, which you may visit during your stay in Prague. From the height of 93 meters above the ground (total altitude of 351 meters), it offers breath-taking panoramic view of up to 100 kilometres. You can also find a similar one in the lower placed panoramic restaurant Oblacas.

Famous structures and decaying ruins

Residents of our “hundred-spired mother” are already used to the Žižkov TV Tower, but the true classics of Prague’s panorama is the Petřín Lookout Tower. And it is also a true record holder since it offers its visitors a view from the overall altitude of 379 meters. A trip to it, taking the Petřín funicular, is one of the most beautiful experiences during a stay in Prague.

Other lookout towers in Prague are not renowned this much. Get yourself a comfortable hotel in Prague and set out on the newly built wooden lookout tower called Obora, located in the zoo, or try almost unknown steel lookout towers on the Lahovický bridge over the Berounka river. It’s a pity the romantic Cibulka in the Jinonice district is in a very shabby condition, and the concrete tower in the Barrandov terraces complex, as well as the geodesic tower on the Ládví hill are completely closed.

The author of the article and the manager of the hotel in one has many years experience with writing texts, she has been working as a free-lance journalist contributing to different Czech daily newspapers and other periodics of all kinds. She has spent a part of her career working as a city guide, and her articles are therefore providing a highly informed insight of a person, who was not only born in Prague, but who has crisscrossed the city streets countless times, has read hundreds pages of literature about Prague, and who constantly strives to contribute to the good reputation of the city from her todays workplace. Hopefully with a success…



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