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Transport in Prague – how to get through the city easily

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Despite the fact, that Prague is a large town – the number of its inhabitants is according to updated  statistics more then 1 324 thousand people in 2020, the historical centre is a relatively small and compact area, that can be easily seen just walking – and you do not need to be a trained walker. A person with an average physical condition can cover all the historical city on feet without any problem. Staying in a centrally located hotel – just as Hotel Rott is – might be of a great advantage, as you just walk in different directions and see what you want, come back for lunch or a short nap in the middle of the day, and continue your exploring later in the day…

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Getting to the centre

The only longer way you might need to make is that one from – and to – the airport or railway/bus stations. There is certainly always the possibility to take a taxi – when you get the right one (belonging to a legal company), you will even not pay much for your ride. (And all hotels usually cooperate with some transport providers, and will organise your transfer ahead, if asked). But please be aware of the fact that some of the Prague taxi drivers have a very bad reputation and you might get massively overcharged. If you think you have fallen a victim to such a fraudulent taxi driver, note  any important fact that can lead you back to the car or person – the license plate number, the taxi license number etc. This might help with a later attempts to find justice…

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The pros of Prague public transport

When it comes to Prague public transport, it should be said that it is considered one of the best across the whole world. The network of 5 different means – the underground, streetcars, buses, boats and a funicular is very fast, clean and cheap – the ticket system is a bit complicated but basically you can buy various tickets from those for a single ride without change to a year-long pass. If you stay somewhere further from the center, you can use it easily and without worries. Also several day transport passes for tourists are available and mostly very advantegous. You can buy regular tickets in most of the underground stations, small tobbaconists or in ticket machines that are available on many stations.  The passes can be usually got only in large metro stations in specialised and mostly window shops. 

Moreover, using the public transport will get you closer to the life of ordinary people of Prague…


Apart from regular taxi services that have been already mentioned there are also many of the modern driving services available across the city – such as UBER, Bolt, Liftago etc… easy to be found via their websites.

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle…

Using a bicycle is certainly also an option to get through the city of Prague, although the network of safe cycling paths and possibilities is – also due to the geological relief of Prague – quite limited. Cycling through the historic parts of Prague might lead you into many troubles – from the necessity to push your way through crowds in the little historical streets, over catching balance on the many Prague´s cobblestone lines, to sharing the way with numerous cars and breathing their polluted air… 

On the other hand, if you choose your journey attentively and make e.g. a tour along the Vltava river, you will see beautiful parts that are mostly not within the walking touristic range!

The Prague city hall has opened many programs to support the cycling in the city and there are quite many different possibilities to hire a bike across the city, including the electric bikes. But again, cycling in Prague needs a lot of patience and skills…


Enjoy the ferryboats!

We would like to end up this short recommendation with a hint about particular Prague boats – little ferries, that make part of the public transport system, are a real experience to enjoy: they connect the two banks of the river on different spots – sometimes even close to bridges – and add a picturesque image to the modern city. Do not miss one during your next visit!

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Basic information about Prague



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