Prague in winter

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You might be asking why coming to Prague and central Europe in winter days, when frost  creeps under your nails and staying outdoors is not an extremely pleasant experience. But still, winter Prague has a magic you cannot see and live any other time of the year. A part of this magic is simply the absence of the crowds of people moving through the main Prague´s arteries most of the year. Walking across the half-empty streets of the Old Town of Prague is a unique experience you will never forget. Meeting just a few people on the Charles bridge can provide you with a feeling you cannot have when  trying to push your way through the never ending line of people present here within the rest of the year. You can admire all the amazing baroque statues without being pushed ahead, you can listen in peace to their stories, watch the Vltava river running under your eyes, and let the history talk to you.


If you are lucky enough to see Prague under snow cover, your experience is even deepened. Prague´s hills and roofs topped with white cover are literally famous, and the city becomes a fairy tale. All of a sudden, and thanks to the white lining, you notice all the little details that remain otherwise unnoticed: chimneys of whimsical shapes,  little roof terraces and iron stairs, all the tiny ornaments decorating the facades and windows. The city is all at once silent, you can hear just your own steps  creaking in the snow or noises of the hooves of the horses pulling the carriages with tourists wrapped in blankets across the Old Town of Prague, from the Old Town Square, through Little Square further to the river. And you do not have necessarily close your eyes to start feeling you are back in the history, in the 19th century Prague.


And yes, you will need to warm yourself up, and there are many ways and places how and  where to do so. You can get hot wine or hot winter pastries on the market on the Old Town Square, which is just a few steps from Hotel Rott, you can profit from the many Prague´s  museums and galleries and get warm while admiring art or history or anything else, or simply have a warm tea in Restaurant Nuance.


If you still hesitate where to take your family or friends in winter, Prague might be a good and valuable choice. A stay that will enrich you in many ways.

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