Top 10 sights in Prague

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Recommending 10 best sights in Prague is a difficult task: Prague has so many beautiful things to offer  that choosing just a few of them means omitting a vaste number of others. Moreover, such a list is a matter of personal taste and will hardly convene with everybody´s taste.


Nevertheless,  hotel staff  in Hotel Rott in the Old Town of Prague put together a few sights that might satisfy the preferences  and tastes of even the most choosy traveller. And their composition is colourful: it comprises a cemetery, riding hall, representative house, a great moving statue, the largest palace staircase in Central Europe, gardens,  gallery building, view tower,  hotel building, and first modern shopping centre in Prague.


Our „best“ tour starts from hotel Rott, from its location in the very heart of the Old Town, Malé náměstí. The promenade leads us to the Jewish quarter and its cemetery, a magical place where thousands and thousands of the Prague Jews  were buried within the centuries. The bare gravestones sharing their long, long history are an impressive monument of times that are long passed. 


The way will get us further to the Prague Castle, which would deserve the top best itself. We will get into the Old Royal Palace and Vladislav Hall: a beautiful medieval space constructed for the sessions of knights on horses. This hall is used to special events of the highest national importance nowadays.


The quarter under the Prague Castle, called Lesser Town, is well-known for renaissance and baroque palaces and their gardens. Our attention belongs to Vrtbovská zahrada, a magnificent pattern of baroque terrace gardening art. Many hidden corners with cute pieces of art are oasis of peace and joy in the pulsing city.


The next sight gets us back to the Old Town, or to the frontier of the Old and New Town of Prague: it is Obecní dům, The Municipal House, a building that represents the decorative and striking Art Nouveau in Prague. All its halsl and spaces are an amazing example of this style.


Walking along the Na Příkopě road lined with many shops and museums, and Národní street, you will easily get in front of the brand new Quadrio commercial building. Our target is the large moving head – statue made by David Černý, author of several modern other sculptures all over the city of Prague, standing in front of it. (And we will recall David Černý also at the TV tower Žižkov, which is covered with his crawling babies). No matter which daytime and which light you come to see this fascinating statue, it will hold your attention.


Getting out of the very centre of Prague, there are two remarkable buildings to be seen: it is the TV transmission Tower Žižkov, bulit in early 1980s, which provides visitors with a breathtaking view over the city of Prague. The other building is the interesting building of hotel International, dating back to the tough communist times and bulit in the Soviet style of pure social realism. It is a fascinating demonstration of the ambitions and self-confidence of the early communist times.


Getting back into the city centre and closer to hotel Rott again, there are two last items of architecture to be mentioned:  the largest baroque staircase in central Europe, built for the earl Clam Gallas and his palace in the Old Town of Prague. The palace houses the archives of Prague today, and some of  its spaces, including this imposing stairs, are open to public.


Least, but not last, the buildings of hotel Rott in the Old Town of Prague hide also the first ironglass cupola constructed in Prague. It was a part of the ironmongery shopping mall V.J.Rott, and is an excellent model of the beginnings of modern architecture in Prague. Its spaces are housing the famous Hard Rock Café today.



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