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Interesting Prague museums that are worth a visit

The National Museum, the National Gallery, the city of Prague museum, National technical museum… The most famous Prague exhibitions are also among the most visited ones. However, it would be a shame to pay a visit only to those notorious places and thus to miss other, smaller museums. They might not be as famous nor huge, but all the more interesting. Get inspired by the guide we made for you!

Jewish Museum

At least two Prague Museums are more famous abroad then in the Czech Republic itself. The first one is Jewish Museum of Prague, only a few steps from Hotel Rott (U stare skoly 1). It explores life, customs and traditions of the Jewish population in the Czech Republic as well as manages five Prague synagogues (Maisel, Pinkas, Spanish, Klausen and Ceremonial Hall of the Prague Jewish Burial Society). It also offers the most extensive world collection with Jewish features (over 40 thousand objects and 100 thousand books)

Franz Kafka Museum

The second such place is Franz Kafka Museum in Cihelna 2b street. The exposition of this famous writer, who was born in Prague in 1883, was organised by centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. It also was Barcelona itself where the premier had taken place in 1999.

Alfons Mucha Museum

The famous Slav Epic does not have its own stable exposition yet, however, you can see Alfons Mucha’s other work at his museum in Panska street. Located in the Kounicky palace just a few steps away from Wenceslas square, the exhibition shows mainly Mucha’s Parisian period. Thus you can explore almost a hundred oil paintings, sketches, pastels, sculptures, pictures or personal belongings.

Antonín  Dvořák Museum

Probably the most famous Czech composer abroad is probably Antonín Dvořák. The author of worldwide famous opera Rusalka is presented by many interesting objects from his life as well as his work. The museum is placed in Michna’s Summer Palace (Ke Karlovu 20).

Museum of Communism

Not only positive events made the Czech Republic famous abroad. The establishment of one-party government in February 1948 is reminded by Museum of Communism in Sylva-Taroucca palace (Na Příkopě). Everyday life as well as information about how the socialist regime was built are displayed there to give you a survey of the period between years 1948 – 1989.

Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

It is well known that Prague was a city of wizards, occult sciences and mysterious creatures. Their golden era was during the reign of Rudolf II., and the museum concentrates on this very period. There cannot be a better place for it than the house U osla (Jansky vrsek 8) where Edward Kelly, the emperor’s court alchemist, is believed to had lived. As the creator of miraculous elixirs you will be acquainted with their preparation, as well as the room of doctor Faust and library of another well known English alchemist, John Dee.

Museum of Alchemy

Who is not tired of alchemy yet can try another laboratory called Speculum Alchaemiae which is to be found a few steps from Hotel Rott (Hastalska street 795/1). Philosophers stone, the elixir of life and other unbelievable things were supposedly created there by Tadeas Hajek, Rabbi Low or Bavor Rodovský from Hustirany.

Kepler Museum

The era of Rudolf II. was not only full of alchemist but also of scholars of world importance. Johannes Kepler – German astronomer and mathematician is definitely one of them. The most important work can be seen in Kepler Museum (Karlova street 4) located in the house where his most famous document Astronomia nova was written.

Prague Ghosts and Legends Museum

As was already pointed out, the streets of the Old Prague are connected to large number of fairy-tale creatures. You can see some of them in Prague Ghosts and Legends Museum (Mostecka street 18).  Skeleton from Jansky vrch, headless Templar knight or the Ungelt’s Turk will try to frighten those who come to see this exposition of Golem, Faustus, Vltava’s Watermen or Prague Castle elfs.

Charm of Old Times Museum

There are three more interesting places we want to mention. The first one is the Charm of Old Times Museum (Valdstejnska street 150/4) with a collection of clothes, accessories and other curiosities from the times when the queen Victoria and king Edward VII. (1850-1910) reigned in Briatian, and the Habsbourgs in Prague.

Public Transport Museum

Also a part of Prague’s everyday life – the streetcars of Prague – might deserve more attention. Located at Vozovna Stresovice (Patockova street 4) this unique collection contains 50 historical carriages including horse-drawn tram, open towing carriage or tube model Tatra R1.

The Old Wastewater Treatment

The biggest curiosity remains to end up our walk around the interesting museums of Prague. Everything there is to know about wastewater treatment for the city of Prague is waiting for you at the Old Wastewater Treatment near Stromovka part (Papirenska street 6). Especially the walk around the original ditch is something you will remember for the rest of your life!

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