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Where to go in Prague in December

Prague in December illuminates the darkness with its many lights – from its Christmas trees, markets, and decorated shopping centers. Prague natives and visitors alike come out to wonder, taste, listen, look, and enjoy. The most beautiful decoration stands in harmony with the historical center of the city: each year, a Christmas tree to be placed in Old Town Square is proudly chosen from among the country’s many forests and festively lit at the beginning of December, drawing large crowds. The Old Town Christmas Markets, another traditional symbol of Christmas in the heart of Prague, take place each year in a historical spirit. In addition to many common dishes and drinks, it offers handmade products made by craftsmen from the whole country. Throughout the whole month, the open stage at the center of the square offers advent-oriented cultural events, Christmas carol singing, theatrical performances and concerts.

Christmas Markets in Prague

In addition to the Christmas markets, advent time Prague is home to many other beautiful and unique spots offering a festive atmosphere, holiday activities, and the opportunity to buy hand-crafted products. You can also taste various mead drinks, Christmas punch, or mulled wine. A smaller but still magical addition to Old Town Square is the Little Square (Malé náměstí), known for the renaissance fountain at its center and the beautiful baroque and renaissance façades of the houses that line the square. The small but charming Christmas market there is complete with live animals and the quaint atmosphere of the square is reflected in the smiles of its visitors. One of the houses on the square is the famous Rott House, built at the end of the 19th century for a hardware store of the same name. In the neighboring house, you’ll find the Nuance restaurant – a place for a splendid meal that brings the culinary and fine arts together under one roof. The restaurant presents modern Czech art, and this December it is offering up the works of two female artists – mother and daughter Ivana and Klára Mašková, who are presenting their art together under the name Livefordetails. The exhibition is fittingly named “Together”, and will run until June of next year. Works will be sold at the exhibition, giving you the opportunity to buy your loved ones a present with permanent aesthetic and financial value.

Ice Skating in Prague

The Christmas season in Prague doesn’t only have to be about shopping, food, and drink: public skating rinks where you can rent a pair of ice skates and spend some time on the ice are growing in number. You can skate under the Late Baroque shadow of the Prague Estates Theatre at Ovocný Trh or behind the Gothic St. Agnes of Prague Cathedral. There is also a large rink open to the public in Prague’s Letná district.

New Year’s Eve in Prague

If you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Prague, the choice of activities is almost endless: most institutions – from the most luxurious restaurants to local neighborhood pubs – entice visitors with food and drink of all kind. It’s usually necessary to reserve a spot in advance, as Prague tends to be overcrowded on New Year’s Eve. Prague’s streets are flood with people and its bridges – which offer the best views of the fireworks – tend to fill up in the early evening. Don’t expect an official Prague fireworks show on New Year’s Eve though – the City of Prague puts on its own show for city natives and visitors alike only after dark on New Year’s Day.

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